Rowbyte Plexus 2.0.10 After Effect CS5-CC Win là một plug-in cực chất của nhà phát triển Rowbyte Software, tương thích với phiên bản CS5 trở lên.

Các tính năng trong phiên bản Plexus 2.0 này:

Plexus is a Next Generation 3D Particle System Plugin designed for Adobe After Effects.

  • Create stunning generative art with ease
  • Highly integrated into After Effects, native camera and light aware
  • Breakthrough modular workflow, that is infinitely configurable
  • Create Organic Structures using powerful replication tools
  • Effectors to create physical simulations
  • High quality custom rendering engine
  • Depth of field
  • 32 Bit rendering
  • Control over rendering order

Plexus comes with the Plexus OBJ Sequence Exporter for Cinema 4D included for free!

Download tại đây:

Plexus 2 - aescripts  aeplugins - aescriptscom.mp4.Still004

Plexus 2 - aescripts  aeplugins - aescriptscom.mp4.Still002


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